All children at Unity Academy are encouraged to target and achieve 100% attendance and punctuality and to take robust steps to sustain attendance above 98%. Many pupils and students are successful in achieving these goals. Academy support includes a range of personalised intervention support, work with families, individual and group rewards, close monitoring and escalating intervention from the school attendance team and Pupil Welfare Service.

The overall Unity Academy Attendance Target is 96%

Excellent school attendance and punctuality are critical components in the academic and social development of pupils and students.

Children who attend daily, on time experience a positive start to each learning day and
are immersed in aspirational academy culture, playing a full part in
school routines with their peers. These encourage the development
of confidence, positive enduring relationships and supportive friendships. 

As a result, pupils and students who attend well develop higher levels of resilience, greater commitment to their learning and wider school life and a more effective approach to the challenges they will encounter during their school, social situations, their wider life and subsequent career/s.

In the absence of exceptional circumstances, all lateness in the secondary Phases attracts a (same day) sanction. The primary leadership and liaison team work closely with parents and pupils to minimise late arrival to school.

Excellent attendance is the foundation of academic achievement. The following statistics illustrate the impact that seemingly high levels of attendance have on ultimate GCSE achievement. It is worth remembering that whilst 90% attendance sounds high, this represents half a year of absence over 5 academic years. Whilst it is understood that illness can occur, children with attendance of 90% or lower are missing a significant part of their education. This is classified as persistent absence.  Attendance is regularly and formally scrutinised and concerns are addressed at an early stage.


The Impact of Attendance on GCSE Results (grade 5 is a grade C equivalent)

Attendance (%)

Chance of Eight GCSE Grades at 5-9




Very Good




Less than 50%


Less than 35%


A message for students

Reflect on your personal attendance through each academic year. This is published in the regular progress reports and attendance letters sent home. Work with your Form Tutor to meet and beat your personal attendance target. 

Continually ask yourself the question, ‘Is my attendance good enough?’  Work hard to achieve your personal best and then improve further.