A group of our Primary and Secondary school students have successfully completed their Anti-Bullying Ambassador Training. They are all excited to now further develop their leadership skills. They are looking forward to delivering a range of projects and ideas to support and further enhance our anti-bullying policy whilst nurturing our culture which promotes kindness, compassion and understanding.

Anti-Bullying Ambassadors are trained, passionate young people who will stand up to bullying behaviour and believe they can change things for the better.

Anti-Bullying Ambassadors firmly believe that bullying behaviour is not acceptable and should not be part of everyday life at school. They wish to help others by being upstanding against bullying behaviour whilst being a support network for their peers. They stand to shape attitudes and change behaviours for the better. They are a pillar of support and are a strong voice within the school community.

'Bullying behaviour is a serious issue amongst young people, with nearly half of young people expressing they have been bullied in the last 12 months, and around two-thirds reported seeing someone else being bullied at school.' (Department for Education, 2017). 'If not dealt with effectively, it can have long-term negative consequences on health and well-being.' (Wolke & Lereya, 2015). It is therefore clear that we need to work together to tackle bullying behaviour.

The Diana Award’s Anti-Bullying Ambassador Programme offers informative and interactive anti-bullying training days to young people and staff in primary and secondary schools. The Diana Award's Aftercare team then provides continued support to help the school’s anti-bullying campaigns succeed.

As a result of the programme, Anti-Bullying Ambassadors feel more knowledgeable about bullying behaviour, more confident in supporting their peers and that their school deals with bullying behaviour more effectively.

The Diana Award’s Anti-Bullying Ambassador Programme also helps to:

Create a happy and safe learning environment for all, which in turn can boost attendance and attainment levels
Develop resilience, confidence, and positive healthy relationships amongst young people
Complement teaching and learning across the curriculum
Contribute to positive inspection reports; the Anti-Bullying Ambassador Programme has been referenced in hundreds of inspection reports as good practice

The training has made a difference in the lives of young people and as a result, this is used to create a positive learning environment for all young people.