Our vision is for Unity Academy to become an outstanding provider through the provision of high quality teaching and learning experiences. Quite simply, in Unity, we succeed.

We ensure that rigorous monitoring and accountability measures are in place and a clear focus of raising standards is prevalent throughout the academy. A culture of always looking to improve exists. This in itself is based upon the removal of excuses through a “together, we can” approach.

At Unity Academy excuses are simply not tolerated. A high quality, innovative curriculum enables the advantages of an all through school to be really capitalized on. Based upon firm foundations in Numeracy and Literacy, we maximize the use of our specialist staff so ensuring students receive the very best delivery. To support teaching and learning, outstanding professional development is delivered within the Academy maximizing the skills and knowledge from colleagues in the schools within the Trust. Rigorous appraisal for all staff linked to performance ensures students receive the very best provision. Our ethos is one that is completely “child-centred” and all members of our school community subscribe to this.


We believe that our Academy should develop in its students, an acceptance of their individual and collective responsibilities as members of various local, national and international communities and create a strong sense of the importance of working together for the common good. In our Academy we develop the students to have pride in their school and themselves.

To help this the Academy has developed the following guiding principles to achieve its vision: The belief that our students’ success and happiness in school depends on all of us working together in close partnership with parents, carers, and families.

We set the highest of expectations by developing a No excuse culture so that students will develop the skills, confidence and independence necessary to become successful learners We believe that every student must be Inspired to be the very best that they can be. Together, and with support from all Trust members, we will enable every student to fulfil their potential.

Every Year group is of equal importance to us.

Our vision pervades everything we do – In Unity, we succeed.

To foster this we aim to ensure every child is hardworking, articulate, literate, knowledgeable, confident, independent, courteous and compassionate. All of our provision underpins the development of these characteristics, which enable students to achieve the best from their education and stand them in good stead for the rest of their lives. We strive to enable our students to fulfil their potential in an inspirational and professional learning environment.

Creating further an inclusive culture which celebrates success and builds the highest expectations for all students, irrespective of their background is a priority. Developing a first class support system and reducing the barriers to an aspirational and successful education will be created. At Unity Academy, we will have six values which support everything we do and stand for:

  • Resilience
  • Integrity
  • Excellence
  • Pride
  • Ambition
  • Respect