Please find below a diverse range of safeguarding resources which may be of use:


   Safeguarding Guide for Students
   DfE Tackling Abuse Flyer
   NSPCC Share Aware
   Fact Sheet - Sexting
   NSPCC Net Aware
   Children in Care Fact Sheet - Finance
   Children in Care Fact Sheet - Pathways to Success
   Blackpool Safeguarding
   Psychoactive Substances Fact Sheet
   Every Child Matters
   FGM Mandatory Reporting
   Parent Info from CEOP
   Spot the signs for Parents/Carers (CSE)
   UK Safer Internet Centre
   Sexual Exploitation Guide for Young People
   Sleepover Leaflet - Lancashire Fire & Rescue
   Vodafone Advice Centre
   Let's Talk About It

   Online Radicalisation Information and Support for Parents & Carers

   Childnet International
   Pokemon GO Parents Guide
   Pace UK (CSE)
   Keep Them Safe (CSE)
   Safeguarding in Sport

Stay Safe Online Inshallah – IQRA Primary School

For online safety parent guides click here

   You vs Train - Trespassing
Unity Safeguarding Updates


   Unity Safeguarding Update 18 
   Unity Safeguarding Update 17 
   Unity Safeguarding Update 16
   Unity Safeguarding Update 15
   Unity Safeguarding Update 14
   Unity Safeguarding Update 13
   Unity Safeguarding Update 12
   Unity Safeguarding Update 11
   Unity Safeguarding Update 10
   Unity Safeguarding Update 9
   Unity Safeguarding Update 8
   Unity Safeguarding Update 7
   Unity Safeguarding Update 6
   Unity Safeguarding Update 5
   Unity Safeguarding Update 4
   Unity Safeguarding Update 3
   Unity Safeguarding Update 2
   Unity Safeguarding Update 1
   FCAT Safeguarding Board