At Unity Academy, we recognize the paramount importance of mental health and well-being as integral aspects of a thriving and successful life. Maintaining good mental health empowers individuals to navigate the challenges of daily life effectively and fulfil their responsibilities to the best of their abilities. For Unity Academy students, mental health plays a pivotal role in shaping their academic performance, social connections, and personal growth. It is equally crucial for parents to prioritise their mental well-being, equipping them to manage the multifaceted demands and pressures of parenthood.

To achieve this goal, Unity Academy is committed to implementing strategies such as facilitating access to counselling services, promoting healthy lifestyle habits, and cultivating a positive school culture that places a premium on mental health and well-being. By prioritising mental health, students, parents, and school staff at Unity Academy can lead more joyful and fulfilling lives, both within and beyond the classroom.
In line with our commitment, we believe it is crucial to equip you with straightforward yet impactful strategies, valuable helplines, and digital resources. Our aim is to actively support you and your family in making mental health a priority. We strongly encourage you to avail yourselves of the resources at your disposal to ensure that your well-being is effectively looked after.


Useful resources:

SENDIASS stands for Special Educational Needs and Disabilities Information Advice and Support Service.
It’s a free, impartial, and confidential service offering information to young people with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND) and to their parents and carers. 

Blackpool SEND Local Offer
Information about what is available in Blackpool for children and young people with special educational needs and disabilities, and their families. 

Blackpool Parent Forum
A parent and carer forum is a group of parents and carers of young people and children who have additional needs. The Blackpool Parent Carer Forum works with local service providers and aim to make sure the services in the area meet the needs of disabled children and their families. We are run by parents for parents.

Primary Mental health worker

Are you a young person or parent/carer and want to know where you can get support for young people's emotional and mental health?The PMHW Drop In sessions can signpost you to the correct service to support with your current concern and get you the help you need.PMHW Drop In is a confidential space to discuss worries and concerns with a Mental Health Practitioner who is part of the CAMHS Team.

Telephone: 0800 121 7762 : Option 1

5-Ways-to-Well-being .pdf
Blackpool Council SEND Newsletter.pdf


Guidance and support around coping with Christmas from the Primary Mental Health Team: