Our aim at Unity Academy is to create a positive climate for learning that empowers all students to  learn and be successful. It is an expectation that all our students receive high quality teaching practice  in the optimum conditions for learning. This should equip them with the knowledge, skills and  dispositions for lifelong learning and for making a positive contribution to the world around them. 

As a 2-16 academy we recognise the responsibility we have of developing the  full learning journey from toddler to teenager! We achieve this via a  broad and balanced curriculum that is designed with the needs of  Unity children at the centre so that each student has access to a curriculum offering opportunities to make the most possible progress. Due to the context in which Unity operates it is essential that our curriculum is flexible and responsive to bridge gaps in learning in particular to develop reading skills. 

Learning takes place beyond the classroom supported by our enrichment curriculum which allows students to leave school with essential cultural capital by providing rich experiences to inspire and inform. 

The all-through model recognises the importance of effective transition across Key Stages and of following progressive and developmental schemes of work across all four Key Stages. 


As a consequence of this curriculum model our expectations for each of our students are for them to:

  • grow as a person, becoming self-assured, responsible citizens

  • be a positive and an active member of their school community

  • be lifelong and confident readers with a love of reading

  • be successful learners who are able to work well independently and interdependently

  • be employable

  • want to be the best they can be in whatever they choose to do